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The Library's Big Honkin' Telescope

This week, a generous donor who visits the area during the summer dropped by the library to ask if we would be interested in a nice telescope. We said yes, of course, and he made arrangements top bring the telescope the next day. Imagine our surprise when he arrived with this ginormous Meade LXD-55 Schmidt-Newtonian telescope. This device is precision quality and possesses a 10-inch mirror. We should be able to see the shadows that mountains on the Moon cast, the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. Library Director Andrew Birden said, "This was awesome. Visitors from out of state recognize how valuable the library is to a community, and this donation shows that. If there is an astronomy buff in our region that would like to form an astronomy club through the Fort Kent Public Library, this instrument can be a part of that organization. Please come by or call 834-3048 so we can help you set up meetings."

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